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And as would be expected the anticipation for both works, expected to hit the shelves in 2014, is reaching a fever pitch, with Abbi Glines’ name expected to only reach higher peaks.

Abbi was conceived in Alabama, Birmingham to be specific, enjoying a cheerful childhood within the confines of the small town of Sumiton; not that she could stay still forever, eventually escaping the town and state once she turned eighteen, intent on following her high school sweet heart to the land of his dreams; a land down the coast, that she crafted into a new home from which she has gone on to blossom in her writing career.

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Known for more than a few cheap relationship quotes, Abbi Glines perfectly exemplifies the term upcoming talent’ within the realm of fiction.

Others however will recognize the talent she brings to the table in the six series she has published in less than three years, the volumes totaling up to a glorious 21 novels and counting.

Abbi Glines is best personified-at least by those that first encountered her- through the Too Far series, the four novels that first exploded from her mind in the adult fiction genre, easily garnering popularity from a variety of readers, so much so that she has already embarked on a writing two more books in the series, one a spinoff of the story, and the other, a retelling of the original plot within the voice of the male lead.

ax Stone was the bad boy who started this whole series and I absolutely loved his story. He doesn't want the life in the spotlight but knows that it sort of follows his family around.

By the time I'd gotten round to reading this book though I'd sort of forgotten that he even had a brother. He needs to get away from everything and heads to Sea Breeze to hide out for a while. Where other male characters in Abbi Glines' books are generally the bad boy types Jason isn't.

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