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“I often think of Aldous Huxley’s novel Brave New World in which people have multiple casual sexual partners.The internet is very much like that, where people have all these virtual relationships even though they don’t really care about the other person they are interacting with.” What is most disturbing, he says, is that people seem to be regressing in terms of their emotional maturity.The number of occasions that people have mourned the passing of Nelson Mandela on Twitter, for example, indicates just how a serious occurrence can be reduced to rubble on the gossip wire – one of the childish indulgences of which Thomas speaks.At the end of the day the man’s advice to strike a balance is wisest.

Yet while there is little disputing their cultural and economic relevance, for leading South African online behaviour expert Ramon Thomas Facebook and Twitter are increasingly facilitating the “regression” of people’s emotional maturity, Thomas, whose expertise in web-based trends has earned him appearances on Carte Blanche, CNBC Africa, 3Talk, news and Special Assignment, contends “the lines between the real and virtual world” have become so blurred that people are no longer making an effort in actual human relationships.The burning question, of course, is whether social media is intended for breezy entertainment and gossip, or transference of credible information.Certainly it is a handy tool for the traditional media, but too frequently it has been found wanting as a trustworthy source.Development of literacy skills also seems to have taken a nose-dive as people of all ages resort to acronyms to describe emotions (Lol for laugh out loud, for example) or communicate in “146 characters or less”.Thomas says in his research he has found that people who only a few years ago would easily consume a few books a month cannot even finish a chapter anymore because they are so used to short bursts of information on social networks.

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“There is a big difference between child-like and childish.

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