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In addition to improving our understanding of the geomagnetic field, the magnetic properties of lacustrine and marine sediments can aid our interpretation of environmental and climate change (see reviews by Liu et al. Furthermore, anthropogenic impact has been identified in rock magnetic records from lake and marine sediments around the world, reflecting deforestation, erosion rates, and changes in sediment delivery over the past approximately 4 ka and particulate pollution since approximately 1800 AD (see review by Snowball et al. The rock magnetic data within the database will allow a comprehensive assessment of the magnetic properties of sediments and their relationship to climate, environment, and anthropogenic impact.

Several databases provide paleomagnetic, rock magnetic, and chronological data; however, none that are currently maintained exclusively catalogue data from sediments over the past 50 ka.

In addition, the distribution of power over the full range of frequencies applicable to the geomagnetic field has important statistical properties that can be compared with the output of numerical dynamo simulations (e.g., Davies and Constable (5 ky).Its objective is to catalogue data that will improve our understanding of changes in the geomagnetic field, physical environments, and climate.GEOMAGIA50.v3 for sediments builds upon the structure of the pre-existing GEOMAGIA50 database for magnetic data from archeological and volcanic materials.) stored palaeomagnetic data from archeological materials and lavas alone; however, paleomagnetic, rock magnetic, and chronological data from sediments deposited over the past 50 ka have broad applications across the geosciences.These include understanding past changes in the geomagnetic field, physical environments, climate, and anthropogenic impact. ), the latest modifications to the general structure of the GEOMAGIA50 database and more specific changes to the archeo/volcanic database are described.

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