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In addition to providing their users with a more hospitable environment, these websites defuse the tension over how and when to disclose an illness, which is often an issue for people with diseases and disabilities who venture onto mainstream dating sites.Next Page: When health problems equal heartache [ pagebreak ]When health problems equal heartache After some “horrible” results on other dating websites, Lana joined Prescription 4 Love and the STD-specific site Let's face it: How do you drop that bomb on a potential love interest? She considered a number of online dating venues, but she says asked too many questions on its enrollment form, e Harmony was too "religious," and My Space was too much of a "hookup zone." "I wanted to meet men with my same diagnosis so we wouldnt [need to] have 'the talk,' or fear of rejection and transmitting," she says.“Most of us with this don't wish to spread it.” Despite—or perhaps because of—the economic downturn, the billion-dollar online dating industry has been booming. While sites like and e Harmony don't discriminate, they also don't cater to people like Lana who are coping with sexually transmitted diseases, disabilities, or mental health conditions.Right now I just give talks on nutrition, but pretty much I can’t have a practice or do much other work because I’m modeling. For 45 years I was counseling patients with heart disease. My look when I can’t decide what to wear🤣🤣 #Not Really This is from my first shoot with @mikeruizone We connected over @instagram and both took a chance at working together.The new Covergirl spokesperson has the skin of a marble statue, a hairdo I could never pull off, and the attitude of a woman who knows it. My team had to explain to me it was a good a thing and that it meant the "Greatest Of All Time." I’m excited to be part of a powerful message, I Am What I Make Up, which celebrates the power of every individual to create who they are and who they want to be. From casual to ladies who lunch to events to red carpet. For example, in the 60s it was the false eyelashes on top – the Twiggy look. I do a 15-bean soup and then I have a cup every day at home. I do think being a Covergirl makes me the celebrity because just being a dietitian is not the celebrity. I just went natural because I was tired of coloring my hair. She's also a trained nutritionist and grandmother of ten. This film includes dynamic, diverse women such as @katyperry @ayeshacurry @issarae @massy.arias @shelina93racing What’s next for the oldest COVERGIRL model ever? #COVERGIRLMADE #IAm What IMake Up A post shared by Maye Musk (@mayemusk) on I definitely think the beauty industry is wising up. You can play around with the Covergirl products and all the fabulous colors. Individuals lashes underneath and then the black line. At the moment, there seems to be a lot of playfulness and you can go from beautiful red lips and a stripe on the eye to soft eyes and big lips and vice versa. I was nearing 60 and I said well if I never model again it’s no biggie. It was like this white halo on top, and then cut my hair short.

I have to eat very well to have good skin, and to look good, and feel good about myself. If I was 15 and said “maybe when I’m 70 I’ll be a Covergirl” that would have been silly of me. Modeling was always part-time and I didn’t expect it to be full-time, which it is now.

"And lets face it, depending on what [the illness] is, it could very well make you uncompetitive in the larger dating pool." Fortunately, there are a number of alternatives.

A new breed of dating site has emerged to play cupid for people with chronic diseases and disabilities.

All of these can make dating—often an ego-shattering minefield for those in perfect health—even trickier.

"On bigger dating sites the competition is tremendous," says Jim Houran, Ph D, a clinical psychologist and columnist for Online Dating Magazine.

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