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There are no easy answers here, especially given that some Chatroulette users are clearly not legally adults.

With those issues in mind, while the blurring out of some of the random strangers diminishes the clip’s intimacy somewhat, it is nevertheless a relief to see an edited version of Merton’s clip return to You Tube: [youtube]

Merton’s humourous piano improvisations, revelling in the randomness of the service, resonated with viewers across the web.

While not clearly explained, the seemingly inevitable take-down by You Tube seemed to relate to the ‘ownership’ of people’s Chatroulette contributions.

For some, the risk isn’t worth the visit, but for others the richness of random connectivity can be enjoyed with a keen sense of when to look away, when to engage, and when that F9 key will save your sanity.

Social media researcher danah boyd expressed this far better when she said: “I realize that this creates the potential for seeing some pretty gross and/or problematic things and I certainly don’t want to dismiss that, but I’m pretty certain that teens are responding the same way that I’m responding – by clicking Next. Probably not.”2 Ideal or otherwise, it’s a sensible strategy for most Chatroulette users.

With that context in mind, I want to address Chatroulette in terms of search, ‘Sex! Search (spelled F9) Yes, Chatroulette has the slowest ‘search’ out there today, but despite its rudimentary design, search is still one of the key drivers behind Chatroulette’s success.

This immediately begs the question, do users have a reasonable expectation of privacy when broadcasting their face to potentially anyone on the web?

How do people recording videos using Chatroulette ensure the people recorded have given their permission to appear?

More explicitly commercial interests have already started to experiment with Chatroulette, too, with indie band Nurses using the service to record a music video for their song ‘So Sweet’.

Probably the most loved You Tube clip generated by Chatroulette is the ‘Chat Roulette Funny Piano Improv #1’ by ‘Merton’ which had clocked more than 4 million views in less than a fortnight, before You Tube took the clip down.

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