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But as menopause approaches, changes in hormones can lead to troubled sleep.One of the earliest signs of peri-menopause is the sit-up-in-bed alertness that can suddenly strike in the early hours, leaving you restless and agitated.Tiredness is a stressor and stress stimulates the hormone cortisol and insulin, which triggers your body to store fat.Stress also reduces glucagon, the hormone that instructs your body to burn fat.If you can’t avoid eating late at night, opt for something without sugar.Sugar is part of the reason a quick glass of wine, which might seem like a way to unwind, isn’t the best solution — as your body processes the alcohol, your sleep will be disrupted.

I'm even happier that I get to spend so much time with a shockingly gorgeous and amazingly talented woman who is all of those things."The two stars have since deleted all of the pictures they took together from their various social media platforms.

Place your hands on the back of your head and count four to five fingers from the back of your ear, aiming for your hairline at the base of the skull.

Use your left hand for the left side (and vice versa).

It might be night sweats, or thoughts rushing through your mind, but the undulating hormonal cocktail of midlife commonly leaves women sleep-deprived and stumbling through the day like a zombie.

Ironically, one of the most important reasons sleep is so crucial to youthfulness is the fact that it plays a central role in maintaining healthy levels of those errant hormones.

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