Codependent dating narcissist

When we speak to a tree--we know that the tree believes it is a tree. What if the tree was really a bush but the bush just thought it was a tree?They are unaware they are not trees--they are NOT kind--they are not LOVING and instead they are self-absorbed and only exhibit kind and loving behaviors when it SUITS THEM.When it comes to allowing narcissistic friends and lovers into our lives, that too can take years to sort out.Because narcissistic relationships cause us to dissociate from the tremendous self-doubt, anxiety, grief, shame, and confusion they cause in our heart space, it can be the most challenging form of psychological abuse to recover from.For this reason narcissists feel when forced to operate like a decent / honest person.The narcissist feels it makes him or her inferior, “like everyone else,” and causes him or her to lose superiority and a vital upper hand.Every person on the planet – before raising their consciousness – is living the egoic mind illusion that we can only be loveable and worthy for “what we are doing” and “what we have” instead of Who We Are.

Once you aren't so confused about that anymore--you're suddenly less confused! If so, please share with us if you feel so inclined to do so.

The inner self still exits, and the co-dependent does have access to a connection with it – In summary – the co-dependent “light” side of the coin is this: the possessing of a conscience and wanting to operate within humanity as “a good person.” Now that we have examined the surface of the coin, we need to deeply go into the actual coin itself.

But before I do, let’s touch on my definition of a co-dependent again, which grants us a much bigger picture meaning that simply “growing up in a substance abuse family.” Most importantly it will grant you a much better understanding of what the coin When we look at the human model, we can understand the entire world is co-dependent to varying degrees.

What my intention is with articles such as this – is to help you get to the This truth is not about “blaming and shaming” – which only triggers our ego into more resentment which of course the ego loves (“Go on, go on feed me MORE pain!

”), but instead in ways that open up our bodies, minds and hearts with big “Ah-ha” awareness.

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But before I do, let’s look at the differences between the two sides ….

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