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You can then delete those files you have more than once.For more powerful duplicate finding in i Tunes, check out Doug Adams' Dupin.This app goes much further, finding duplicates that i Tunes ignores, allowing you to more easily choose which to keep and which to delete.

Click the Same Album button in the navigation bar, and i Tunes refines its selection to only those items that are duplicated on the same album.

And some of your personal files may actually be in your Library folder; this includes your email messages and their attachments, for example.

Among these millions of files, your Mac may contain many duplicate files, and there are two types of duplicates: .

Intentional duplicates may be different versions of the same file, or multiple backups of your files.

For example, I download a full backup of my website regularly, and one of my external drives holds these backups.

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