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Jesus exhorted us to remember that to be great in God’s kingdom, we must be the servant of all (Mark ).Self-sacrifice should transcend our need for recognition or reward, just as Jesus was willing to be abased as He lay down His life for the sheep.He does not begin with a genealogy to link Jesus with the Jewish patriarchs, but begins instead with His baptism, the beginning of His earthly ministry.But even there, Mark quotes from an Old Testament prophecy regarding the messenger—John the Baptist—who would exhort the people to “prepare the way for the Lord” (Mark 1:3; Isaiah 40:3) as they awaited the coming of their Messiah.

” Women were the first evangelists, as they spread the good news of His resurrection.

Jesus referred to another Old Testament prophecy which was to be fulfilled that very night as the disciples would be scattered like sheep without a shepherd when Jesus was arrested and put to death (Mark ; Zechariah 13:7).

He referred again to Isaiah when He cleansed the Temple of the money-changers (Mark -17; Isaiah 56:7; Jeremiah ) and to the Psalms when He explained that He was the chief Cornerstone of our faith and of the Church (Mark -11; Psalm 1-23).

When they saw the stone had been rolled away, they entered the tomb.

It was not the body of Jesus they saw, but an angel robed in white.

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Practical Application: Mark presents Jesus as the suffering Servant of God (Mark ) and as the One who came to serve and sacrifice for us, in part to inspire us to do the same.

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