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It provided access to news, weather, sports, a personal assistant, calculator etc. There are a number of ways to build a chatbot but the easiest method would be to use existing NLP (natural language processing) engines. This is an advanced artificial intelligence chatbot platform and living community of chatbots and people.

Personality Forge’s award-winning engine integrates memories, emotions, knowledge of thousands of words, sentence structure, unmatched pattern-matching capabilities, and scripting language called AIScript.

Intelligent conversation is only emulated, allowing the chatbot to have some success in those days, when AI was just something seen in the sci-fi novels.

To be amazing today, we need something more advanced.

In some areas of the world, the basic rules for a healthy life are unknown because of the poor medical information, taboos, or lack of interest from people.

It’s impossible to fix these problems with a bot, but a bot can certainly help to make the situation better.

Performing both, the AI engine first breaks down the sentences using NLP into their most basic elements, finds relationships between those elements, finds the meaning of individual words, and then passes all this information forward to the key phrase, or CBR section.

Responses are matched against both specific and broad categories of statements, and then the response is constructed using both the bot’s own original words and a wealth of information available from the other chatter’s message and memories of the other chatter.

Since then, Microsoft has disconnected Tay and deleted a number of her inappropriate tweets. A realistic conversational computer program has been a goal of artificial intelligence research since Alan Turing proposed his famous test in 1950.We just write the name of the medicine in chat, the number of times a day we must take it and at what time.Then, Florence send us a message in chat everytime we must take the pill.In NLP, sentences are parsed and broken down to reveal the structure of the sentence and information about individual words and their relation to other words in the sentence.In Case-Based Reasoning, sentences are searched for key phrases which trigger pre-programmed responses.

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All these problems are easily solved thanks to the internet and the opportunity to access to medical resources for free.

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