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Differences included the walls being changed from a fish theme to a forest theme, and the bedroom being made over with fresh textiles and gold mirrored furniture for the regular housemates.

This coincided with the launch of the new eye logo for 2011.The launch was also trailed heavily in the printed media, including an advertising blitz in the Desmond-owned newspapers and magazines and posters in town centres.In the second week of the celebrity version, trailers heralded the return of the main series on 9 September 2011.The format remained largely unchanged from previous seasons.The housemates are incarcerated in the Big Brother House with a strict rule of no contact with the outside world.

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Each week, the housemates take part in a major task that determines the size of the shopping budget, enables them to win luxuries and in some tasks, immunity from that week's eviction or power in the House.

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