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Joey stays with Ross overnight to make sure he's okay and they talk. After Ross sees Monica's tan, he decides to get a spray-on tan.Ross realizes that he has been apart from Rachel for so long that he shouldn't stop Joey and Rachel's relationship. After hearing seemingly straight-forward instructions, he gets confused and accidentally gets a double dose on the front of his body and nothing on his back.As she is hindered by a stewardess from getting off the plane, the connection breaks.Ross frantically tries to fix the machine, wondering if she got off the plane.

Phoebe finds out that Mike has been seeing a woman named Precious (Anne Dudek) for the past few months and now needs to break up with her.

Phoebe waits for Mike to return from his break-up but finds herself breaking-up for him when Precious shows up at Mike's apartment. Monica and Chandler are having a lot of trouble figuring out the adoption process so Phoebe sends them to a couple who have adopted.

Monica and Chandler meet them and Monica instantly gets along with the woman (Kellie Waymire), however later Chandler casually mentions to their son (Daryl Sabara) that he was adopted only to find out that he didn't know this fact.

While departing her old job, she runs into Mark, her old colleague from Bloomingdale's in Season 3, who offers her a job with Louis Vuitton in Paris.

Ross, still being secretly in love with her, doesn't want her to leave and tries to make her get her old job at Ralph Lauren back by convincing her boss to increase her salary.

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