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The 1984 examples shown here are in Black, a finish option added later.Whether or not the owners of these color-coordinated instruments ever feel compelled to dress up in matching suits and crank out “Pipeline,” their early-’80s G&Ls are interesting beyond the fact they’re cosmetic siblings.

The two-pickup SB-2 bass was also a part of this series.

The serial number on aluminum tub models is stamped on the side of the polished crown of the tub.

On porcelain tub models, prior to December, 1949, the serial number was on a plate attached on the log under the power unit, or a plate attached to the lower edge of the skirt.

Moreover, it may appear slightly small – or perhaps the headstock appears too big. Electronics include three pickups laid out in a traditional Stratocaster configuration.

They’re controlled by a five-way toggle switch and master volume and tone knobs.

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Since, December, 1949, the serial number on Model J & N washers is stamped in the skirt directly slow the rubber tub bond, and centered with the potent transfer.

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