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pitter well , I am no expert, but it is said that it is not really likely to transmit this virus sexually, only maybe rough sex that some how makes an open wound. No big deal we ALWAYS shared a razor and ALWAYS cut ourselves, again no big deal. Of course now we make sure to rebuy toothbrushes and no razor sharing. I am going to get tested again in a few months because it seems almost unreal that I wouldn't have at some point caught it. Hope you find it useful Sexual exposure Sexual transmission of HCV is considered to be rare. pitter I am very new to all of this so I really don't feel very comfortable responding to anything with my limited knowledge but I guess everyone on here had to start somewhere. The best we can figure he caught it about 21 yeas ago and we have been together for 20 yrs. We are more careful now but for the last 20 years if one of us left our toothbrush at home (traveled alot before txt) we shared one.

In Florida, a sweep of men produced 44 hits, with just one in Miami.Your dreams of having a lifetime love may have been shattered by a broken relationship.Your priorities revolve around your health care needs.Using the back door increases the risk (see above comments), but still does not guarantee transmission.Good luck to you, it was fear from an old boyfriend that helped me to find this forum, actually a blessing as it helped tremendously while I was treating.

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I had withdrawn from everyone, including my children. Once I got through all of the tests and reduced my MELD score, I began to feel better. This is tricky, because it can appear sweet at first. With an eye on the new protease inhibitors, I was marching straight toward getting rid of the Hepatitis C Virus. The Bible is my favorite book historically, philosophically, and spiritually. If your God motivates you through fear, then I do not know your God. I needed those places to remain safe after diagnosis. Some of the personalities described above may seem to fit the description of someone you are dating.

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