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Emily, a junior Delta Gamma at Northwestern University, has a running joke with her sisters that she wants to be the first DG to marry another DG—and have an anchor-themed wedding, a shout-out to their sorority’s symbol.

But when asked if she’d actually ever date her own sister, Emily had four words: “no way in hell.” “I recently just broke up with someone who was in a different sorority,” she says.

Everyone operates on a different timeline and has reasons for not sharing their sexuality.

We all know how awkward things can get after a breakup, whether it’s having to make small talk when you run into each other at the gym or learning your ex-partner has a new girlfriend.

Now imagine that awkwardness multiplied when you have to deal with all that and still attend weekly chapter meetings, participate in sisterhood events, go through recruitment, and maybe even continue to live in the same house together.

Not sharing a room might not be the only step an intra-sorority couple should take to ensure the best chances at relationship success.

They might want to pass on living in the sorority house together, too.

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Few sororities have official rules and bylaws addressing homosexual intra-sorority relationships, so most potential complications will likely come from the attitudes of your sisters, which only you can gauge for yourself.

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