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To assist us with these difficulties we have concluded that our policy: 'If it's not real, then it's for free' seems to be a good idea to keep them honest when they think about sending us fake photos.Over the years, Palace VIP brought both clients and girls many enjoyable experiences with our london escorts 24/7.If you are under the age of 18 please leave this website now.Any applicant must agree that by sending us their images they have granted us the authority to use images under the following terms and conditions: It is agreed that in the action of sending us images the applicant has automatically granted an irrevocable and unlimited license to use images for a period of up to 4 months from the date of sending us those images.We choose less than 50% of the applicants as many do not meet our character guidelines.Our professional standards of behaviour are higher than other agencies we encourage the girls to honour their promises to clients and to us.We always endeavour to give you quality client advice under these circumstances.Checking the photography solutions sent to us by the girls so that only real photos are on our website can be a time-consuming activity and also the escorts often engage in a variety of activities to get past our vetting procedures.

There is no cancellation fee should they decide to cancel the booking.

It's amazing that we have so many beautiful companions, amongst our range on offer.

We specialise in girls of character and polished presentation. They come from being recommended by friends and also through the website's popularity.

It is also agreed that all forms of contact and communications with this website or any staff of the agency are nothing more than an inducement for a booking and are not an inducement for any other type of service from either an escort or from the agency.

If you don't agree with these terms then please leave this website now. Use of this website is restricted to people over the age of 18.

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