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Copper model tools were standardized and a connection between the size and amount of copper model tools and social status of the buried persons is explored.

Persons with higher status had access to larger amounts of copper; however, the rules of the access were changing and access to copper was widening during the Old Kingdom.

Model tools present in the burial equipment were tools for stone- and woodworking, these being materials of conspicuous consumption in the period.

Tools are examined as symbols of the patron–craftsman relationship, where the ownership of the copper tools was the patron’s.

Gammarus species display substantial altitudinal variability and patchy, fragmented distribution patterns.

Nylon-sputtered plasma polymer particles produced by a semi-hollow cathode gas aggregation source. 111, Kuzminova, Anna; Shelemin, Artem; Kylián, Ondřej; Petr, Martin; Kratochvíl, Jiří; Solař, Pavel; Biederman, Hynek.

Excluding Ponto-Caspian species originating in brackish waters and freshwater subterranean taxa, there are 11 formally recognized epigean freshwater species recorded from this country.

They belong to 3 genera, each representing a different family: Gammarus (Gammaridae, 8 species or species complexes), Niphargus (Niphargidae, 2 epigean species) and Synurella (Crangonyctidae, one species).

Aulická, Marie; Duchoň, Tomáš; Dvořák, Filip; Stetsovych, Vitalii; Beran, Jan; Veltruská, Kateřina; Mysliveček, Josef; Mašek, Karel; and Matolín, Vladimír . Rastiera nelze z koncepčního hlediska zařadit do připravované monografie.

Faceting Transition at the Oxide−Metal Interface: (13 13 1) Facets on Cu(110) Induced by Carpet-Like Ceria Overlayer. 119, Duchoň, Tomáš; Dvořák, Filip; Aulická, Marie; Stetsovych, Vitalii; Vorokhta, Mykhailo; Mazur, Daniel; Veltruská, Kateřina; Skála, Tomáš; Mysliveček, Josef; Matolínová, Iva; Matolín, Vladimír. Publikace v českém časopise je pak motivována především neznámostí dané problematiky v českém jazykovém prostředí.

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