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It's not really inspiring reason why (nor is it really sharable lol), but it was nonetheless a reason.~ [Ch Erie Tree 20] World of Ch Erie ~ NO Ifs, NO Buts ~ [Ch Erie Tree 21] World of Ch Erie ~ Ano Calltime Mo? ~ [Ch Erie Tree 22] World of Ch Erie ~ Ch Erie, The Hottest Couple ~ [Ch Erie Tree 23] World of Ch Erie ~ Teeheehee! Erich Gonzales and Enchong Dee Enchong Dee & Erich Gonzales' World of Ch Eries ~Our Love is Here~ [Ch Erie Tree 2] Enchong & Erich's World of Ch Eries ~Once We Pop, We Can't Stop~ [Ch Erie Tree 3] Enchong & Erich's World of Ch Eries ~ RAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRR ~ [Ch Erie Tree 4] Enchong & Erich's World of Ch Eries ~ What You See Is What You Get ~ [Ch Erie Tree 5] Enchong & Erich's World of Ch Eries ~ You Belong With Me ~ [Ch Erie Thread 6] Enchong and Erich's World of Ch Erie ~ It's The Thought That Counts! ~ [Ch Erie Tree 7] Enchong & Erich's World of Ch Eries ~ The One Closest to My Heart ~ [Ch Erie Tree 8] World of Ch Eries ~ the King & Queen of Hearts ~ [Ch Erie Tree 9] World of Ch Eries ~ Walang Iwanan!

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  1. Basically he makes the deal with the management, management approve and give out 2 letter. selepas 2 tahun , saya berjaya membuka cawangan ke-2 dan akhir tahun ini, insyaalah akan membuka cawangan ke-3 pula. Di sini ada beberapa soalan berkaitan: 1- Untuk permulaan berapa pekerja yg diambil bekerja? 3- Dari mana sumber tenaga kerja sbb setahu saya susah org tempatan nak keje kat taska ni sbb gaji kecik (RM400 ) 4- Apakah risiko bagi perniagaan ni?