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Besides, nobody is going to force anyone in Oregon to pump their own gas, whether or not they “literally,” or figuratively, park at the gas pumps in protest (raising the question of how the gas station attendants will know the difference between someone parking in protest and anyone else simply pulling up to a pump and putting it in park).The law allows station operators to offer self-service, it doesn’t compel the practice.That was some time after filling station attendants stopped washing your windshield and checking your oil, or even giving you a free set of steak knives or glass tumblers with a fill-up along with actually pumping your fuel.Age perhaps makes my memory imprecise, but I believe the change from full-service to self-service happened sometime after OPEC started jacking up the price of petroleum.True Car has the most verified owner-generated vehicle reviews and verifies all its owner-generated reviews.The True Car Price Curve presents new car sales transaction data in a way that helps you easily recognize a fair price for a similarly configured vehicle.

I’m old enough to remember when self-serve gasoline stations were an innovation.

All reviews come from owners who have purchased this specific make and model.

Our exclusive network of partners verifies each purchase transaction.

“I don’t even know how to pump gas and I’m 62.” Someone who is 62 years old has presumably been driving for at least 40 years and in all that time, through scores of fill-ups, they’ve never picked up on how to unscrew their gas cap, grab the nozzle handle, put it in the filler neck, and squeeze the trigger?

Then there’s the drama queen (or king, I don’t want to presume xir’s gendyr) who claims to have “almost died” when having to pump his own gasoline once when in California. I’m no huffer but I worked in a paint laboratory for 20 years and while there are health hazards associated with long term exposure to solvents, a few whifs of VOCs aren’t going to hurt anyone with normal sensitivities to solvents.

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We’ve spent hundreds of hours driving an array of curve-carvers along challenging public roads and, with a little help from pro racers Max Angelelli and Randy Pobst, around the infamous 2.3 miles of Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.

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