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I can’t wait to see more.”The second to last page repeats Dawson’s hand-lettered phrase “Am I good?” Dawson uses this sentence as a leitmotif through the book, but the reification unfortunately pushes this final story from sentiment to sentimentality, which also reveals a key flaw within Dawson’s overall argument.Dawson wrestles with the disconnect between this idealized farm that his kids see, and the factory farming that produces the actual meat that the kids are eating for dinner.Dawson plays with three visual levels here: black and white ink wash for their visit to the farm, bright colored coloring book-style drawings of animals, and visions of factory farms in harsh blood red.”In this in-depth interview, Mort Walker talks about growing up during the Great Depression, serving in the military, developing risque versions of his characters for overseas publishers, founding a comics art museum housed in a concrete castle, raising 10 kids, and much more. Actually, before you answer that you need to read over my ten simple rules to date her, sign your life away (just technicalities), as well as give some samples of your DNA for future use, if necessary.A story that begins with the phrase “Americans love an underdog” suffers from similar oversimplification.

Rule #1 If you plan on taking my daughter on a date and come to my house and honk your horn or call her cell phone you'd better be the UPS man, because you are not picking anything up.Some of best moments in Dawson’s narratives seem to posit that the question “Am I good? Other stories, such as “Overcompensating,” remind that the author, while he acts like a spectator, is a willing participant in his own narrative.I would have been more interested to hear Dawson ask himself, “Are my actions good?This thread comes together in the last story, in which Dawson’s daughter brings home a drawing and some text she’d written, from a prompt to write about a difficulty in her life.Her piece gives Dawson pause, because she’d written about his getting short with her when she rode her trike while he was trying to get her and her little brother to go somewhere.

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