Safe sex campaign south africa

'It's safe, it's clean and it's beautiful,' she said.

December, A 20-month old child who had received multiple transfusions of blood and blood products died from infections related to AIDS.

Felicity added: 'It's a place where desire leads and everyone in the room learns, via games, how to communicate what they really want and need.' The trio share their own experiences and discoveries about their sexual desires and encourage others to join.'Drop whatever preconceptions you have and try it first,' Tomas said.'Follow your desire and let that be your compass.

Find your yes.'Felicity encourages people to 'ask for what you want', while Niki said to just 'slow down'.'Know yourself so you can feel your desires and boundaries,' she said.

An entry-level experience, the parties are invitation-only and can run for over four hours, often hosted in private apartments or a member's home.

Each person has been invited with the understanding that they share the desire of creating a consensual sexual experience.

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