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The rich farmer's son was initially placed in the lowest form at school, where he was kicked by another pupil.

After school had finished for the day, Newton challenged the boy to a fight and won.

"Are you in bed" I asked "Yes why" she replied..I dont know if something in my voice had triggered it but she sounded scared herself...

"Could you put the bedside lamp on please " I implored. " "Cos i think theres something by the bed" By this time both her and ex g/friend were in a flap and were thrashing around trying to find switch... ee them only heard them cos I was all the time still staring at this figure..light eventually came on and the figure was gone "Did you see it?

Mrs Crook said the students had 'done brilliantly' and described their achievement as 'fantastic'.

She said: 'It is a really lovely school and all of the boys here are fantastic.

This machine to the inexperienced is basically a rotating plough on the back of a large crawler tractor.

The first sighting occurred at Ludford on Girsby lane, it was usual practice for the gyro to work 24 hours 12 noon until 12 midnight on one shift, 12 midnight until 12 noon on the other.

It was while travelling to relieve his partner at midnight that he came across someone walking towards him down Girsby Lane.

They went to bed in the double and I took my place in the single.

There were no curtains in the room so street lights and a bright moon were shining in.

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On going down, we passed though a corridor which was freezing cold and made us both shiver and feel spooked. The next day we told a customer about the incident.

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