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This workshop will assist prosecutors and allied professionals in understanding the legal requirements for introducing the out-of-court statements of a non-testifying witness, emphasizing the importance of identifying and documenting the victim's non-testimonial statements, preserving the victim's testimony at a proceeding that affords an opportunity for cross-examination, establishing grounds for forfeiture by wrongdoing, and arguing the admissibility of the victim's out-of-court statements.

The presenter will discuss how offenders are best monitored in a specialized unit with officers trained on how to identify and coordinate proper services for all parties involved in the crime.

Infants can be injured if being held by their mothers when the abuser strikes out.

Children may be hurt if struck by a weapon or a thrown object and older children are frequently assaulted when they intervene to defend or protect their mothers ( It has been more than 2 decades since the overlap between domestic violence and child abuse was identified; men who abuse their partners are also likely to assault their children.

The abuse of women who are mothers usually predates the infliction of child abuse ().

Woman abuse is also the context for sexual abuse of female children.

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