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An orphan who has become an almost-servant to her stepmother the Widow Sonder and stepsisters Birdina and Serafina, she is shunned by the townspeople because of her anti-social behavior and constant boasting that she will live in the palace one day (as a gypsy told her late mother three years prior to Ella's birth).Prince Charles is the son of the Duke who rules the principality.

After a waltz Charles steals a kiss, and Ella runs away.

After the Widow Sonder, Birdina and Serafina leave for the ball, Mrs.

Toquet arrives, bringing with her a ball gown and pair of glass slippers she says that she has borrowed for Ella's use.

More than anything, Ella wants to go to the ball at the Royal Palace. She lived much of her life among the literary and theatrical circles of London, and her friends included D. In 1955, Eleanor Farjeon extended Cinderella into a full-length novel.

But Ella is the slave of the household, waiting on every wish and whim of her horrible stepsisters. The wimpy father is a man unable to take action but loves his beautiful daughter.

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The film received its network television premiere divided into two episodes on the 1967 ABC-TV anthology series Off To See The Wizard.

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