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Now is your chance to do massive damage before he recovers, especially with using X-Factor (if unused) Team Crossover Hyper Combos.After the short stun, Galactus is back in the fight.Galactus is the sole survivor of the universe that existed prior to the current universe.Originally Galactus was a humanoid named Galan, who was born on the planet Taa, a paradise-like world whose civilization is said to have been the most advanced of any of the known universe of that time.At the moment Galan's universe met its end, the Phoenix Force amassed the positive emotions of all living beings in the cosmos to preserve them from eternal damnation, enabling the Sentience of the Universe — the previous universe's equivalent to Eternity — to meet with Galan.Within the "Cosmic Egg" the Sentience of the Universe revealed itself to Galan and informed him that though they both would die in the final moments of the universe, they would both survive through a joint heir born into the next universe.This time, he has an additional new set of moves: In Ultimate Marvel vs.Capcom 3, Galactus can be unlocked as a playable character through the secret unlockable mode known as Galactus Mode, which is unlocked by either accumulating 30,000 PP or by having saved data from the original Marvel vs. Unlike the boss fight, you will simply control Galactus from the get go instead of using his Heralds first.

As with the normal Arcade Mode, you will play as Galactus through many matches (however, while playing with Galactus the number of matches will be six instead, because of the seventh fight in the normal arcade mode being Galactus' boss fight).

Should the player's team be defeated, the words "Earth K.

O.," followed by "You Lose," are shown, signifying that the player has doomed both the Marvel and Capcom worlds to destruction.

The heroes and villains now must team up to defeat this new larger threat, or else lose everything.

Galactus is the final boss in the game, occurring in Stage 7.

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Also, the timer does not reset, making this battle rather difficult when it comes to having enough time.

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