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I have just gone thru March recording of IV lawyer call and the below caught my attention.

Ms Susan mentioned that any company name change after I140 approval has to refile I 140.

Do you know why I haven't gotten anything in the mail yet, or why the online status tracker hasn't updated at all? The printed exiration date is : July 29, 2009 But my latest paroled stamp on AP it is : Dec 05, 2009. Filed 140 and 485 (self as primary and wife as dependent). I am planning to travel out of country by end of November.

I wonder if this is a bad thing, a normal thing, or if the San Francisco field office [or the Missouri Process Center MSC] is taking longer than usual to send out mails after the interviews? Ability to pay RFE on 140 and then denial on 140 and 485. I am pretty sure AP will not be approved by that time. My attorney tells me that AP will not be approved if I travel before it is approved.

Therefore, the worker si not eligible for change of status. Then you need to get H1-B visa stamp from a consulate abroad (usually it has to be the consulate in your home country for the first stamping) and reenter US.

Make sure that you are not violating any OPT rules --- maybe USCIS thought that you are and that is why they denied COS?

I filed LC and I 140 with company A My I 140 got approved Before i filed my I 485 my company changed its name I asked my attorney at that time if we need to take any special action Attorney said they can just add an amendment while applying for I 485 about name change and apply with approved I 140, which is with old company name.The IO said many dr's were missing some fields on the recently updated forms.The IO then gave me a form which said that I needed the medical examination resent and which also had the "Further review" box checked.So we both have multiple 485's filed (although the first one since the decision is not final on 140 technically they might not have started considering the 485). Can't change my employer can't change my job profile can't change my address but i know i can change the world so give me my green card Whatever? It has been issuing visas stapled to passports to people from Arunachal Pradesh who have traveled to China since 2007. We have conveyed our concern to the Chinese government in this regard.Read multiple places that legally you can have only one 485 approved but could have multiple 485 pending and withdraw the other once anyone has been approved. It is our considered view and position that there should be no discrimination against visa applicants of Indian nationality on grounds of domicile or ethnicity.? s not clear when the Chinese started issuing visas on a separate sheet of paper to Indian travelers of Kashmir.

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