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Sunshine is best known for her role as a Barbara Winslow in the family movie named Marmaduke. Shake it up actress Sunshine; she likes to keep her personal life away from the medias in recent days.

As days passed by, Caroline stays out of the limelight and is maintaining her low profile life. Despite being such a recognizable face in the film industry, it's hard to believe that this actress, never made the news with her love affairs.

Adam: There are so many amazing women in Hollywood, but if I had to choose one, I would probably say Kendall Jenner.

Roshon: I'm going to step that up about three notches and say Angelina Jolie. And Kim Kardashian, if you want to tweet me or something, holler.

Every good relationship, especially marriage, it's based on respect.

If it’s not based on respect, nothing that appears to be good will last very long.

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In 2014, Caroline wrote a super sweet and cute poem for her boyfriend as they celebrate their year and a half anniversary.

Caroline Sunshine Hot Air Balloon Ride July 29, 2014, source: "Roses are red, Polaroids are fun, a year and a half later and you're still the one! We are just saying Caroline needs to get more sunshine in her life.

Kenton: Hey, you just told one of my favorite lines! There was a girl that freaked out when she found out that I didn't really have an accent.

I got to go on a date with Kenton because I'm his little love kitten, which was a little awkward. Fans don't realize that it's a part of the character.

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